Which program is right for my child?

In past years, there have been a myriad of soccer offerings in Long Valley that ultimately have made it confusing for parents to determine the appropriate program for their child...rec, travel, club, blues, town rec, this training company, that training company, and the other.

In an effort to simplify the experience, and provide the best possible programs, the collective boards of the Long Valley Rec Soccer Association (Rec) and the Long Valley United Soccer Club (Travel) have heard your feedback and consolidated their offerings under this website as a one-stop shop for identifying the right soccer experience for your child in Long Valley.

First and foremost, our collective efforts at all levels are focused on Player Development, particularly at the younger ages.  Since children build their skillset at different rates, and also have differing levels of commitment to the sport of soccer, we are now offering 3 tiers of  programs throughout the year that will allow your child to find the right level of competition, commitment, and cost to exercise their developing soccer skills and love of the game.




Summary of Programs

The following summarizes the key differences in the services provided, the competition, the commitment level, and the relative cost of each program so that parents and players can decide the right mix of programs for their soccer experience in Long Valley.