WHEN: Tryouts will be held during the week of April 29, 2019 through May 3, 2019 (weather permitting).
WHERE: Palmer Fields
REGISTRATION: All players are expected to pre-register on the ww.lvusc.org website. Registration will be exclusively on line this year.

COST: $25 per player. The cost is credited towards d team fee deposit for those players that make and accept a spot on the team.  
ELIGIBILITY: Tryouts will be offered by BIRTH YEAR. All players must register and tryout for their own birth year.  However, a player may additionally register and tryout for ONE birth year older than theirs. 

Eligible birth years:  2004-2012
WHAT TO WEAR: All players should wear comfortable clothes. They will be moving consistently for the 1 ½ hour tryout. They should also wear cleats and shin-guards, no exceptions. Players CAN NOT wear any clothing that contains logos or team-affiliated apparel from LVU or any other club.  
WHAT TO BRING: Players new to the program must bring a copy of the birth certificate as proof of birth year.  Upon checking in, all players receive an identification number which is pinned to the right front side of their shorts.  Please keep this number, as it is how team formation results will be posted!  
ARRIVAL: Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled tryout to check in, get your number, stretch and prepare for the tryout.