The recreational program is designed to provide a fun and safe environment to instill the foundational skills necessary for your child to build confidence by finding successes on the field at their appropriate level of development.

The goal of the program is to cultivate a love of the game, develop self-confidence, and promote good sportsmanship.  This is achieved through fun exercises that teach foundational skills, and game play with local peers that allows your player to demonstrate their developing skillset.

We provide a developmentally appropriate focus on the following:

  • Technical skills
    • Dribbling
    • Receiving
    • Striking the ball
  • Tactical play
    • What my/our job when the other team has the ball?
    • What's my/our job when the other team has the ball?
  • Character
    • How do I treat others on the field with respect (teammates, opponents, coaches, referees)?
    • How do I work together with my teammates to advance tactics?
    • How do I conduct myself as a teammate whether in the game or on the bench?

Follow the links to see how the program is implemented in the independent Fall Season and Spring Seasons.